Thanks to all who participated in the War of the Worts 2018.

There were 657 entries judged and 315 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyle
1stMatt KingNucky27A7: Pre-Prohibition Lager
2ndDan CopperDelco Porter/honeybooboo27A8: Pre-Prohibition Porter
3rdBryan McClainSmoke On the Water6B: Rauchbier

Best of Show – Neshaminy Creek Pro-Am

BrewerEntry NameStyleClub
Anthony SteinourSomebody Stole My Eyes22C: American Barleywine 

Best of Show – Iron Hill Pro-Am

BrewerEntry NameStyleClub
Matt KingNucky27A7: Pre-Prohibition LagerKeystone Hops

Winning Entries

Table 1: Light Lager (22 entries)

1stMatt KingNucky27A7: Pre-Prohibition Lager
2ndJustin Molenaur
Co-Brewer: Bill Verhoff
Billy Light1A: American Light Lager
3rdFrancis Hiller Sr
Co-Brewer: Frank Hiller Jr
Slitz27A7: Pre-Prohibition Lager

Table 2: Amber/Dark Lager (26 entries)

1stBryan McClainSmoke On the Water6B: Rauchbier
2ndMark FriesenDopplebock9A: Doppelbock
3rdMark FriesenThe Abominable Snowman's Eisbock9B: Eisbock

Table 3: Wheat/Hybrid Beer (20 entries)

1stFrancis Hiller Sr
Co-Brewer: Frank Hiller Jr
Hefe10A: Weissbier
2ndBob Fafard
Co-Brewer: Joe Stryker
Red and White Hopped Wheat1D: American Wheat Beer
3rdMike KinsleyDat Hefe Doe10A: Weissbier

Table 4: British Ale (36 entries)

1stJeffrey BunnDark English Mild13A: Dark Mild
2ndJoe BatesBlackfriar's Sunchaser Golden12A: English Golden Ale
3rdBrian PeckLost Dog11A: Ordinary Bitter
HMDan FeltimoMake America Great, Britain Again. 12A: English Golden Ale

Table 5: Scottish/Irish Ale (22 entries)

1stSean Etters
Co-Brewer: Michaela, Natalie & Colin
Cox Scotch Ale14C: Scottish Export
2ndRichard WalkFlying Fitzgerald15B: Irish Stout
3rdDouglas DinwoodieMacDoogle17C: Wee Heavy

Table 6: American Ale (31 entries)

1stFrank TaddeoCitra Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale
2ndPaul Ward
Co-Brewer: Vic Orlando Jr.
Citra Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale
3rdMike NevilleCalmer Than You Are19C: American Brown Ale

Table 7: Porter (28 entries)

1stDan CopperDelco Porter/honeybooboo27A8: Pre-Prohibition Porter
2ndJohn PittsHarry13C: English Porter
3rdScott SmithPeezy20A: American Porter

Table 8: British Stout (25 entries)

1stWilliam Ihburg Montezuma’s Blessing 16D: Foreign Extra Stout
2ndDavid BarberOatmeal Stout16B: Oatmeal Stout
3rdEric BlaineYeasty Fakeout16D: Foreign Extra Stout
HMKiel FisherSweet Stout16A: Sweet Stout

Table 9: Strong Stout (34 entries)

1stTim CaumImperial Stout20C: Imperial Stout
2ndMichael GrippiRis20C: Imperial Stout
3rdJason YoungAmerican Stout20B: American Stout

Table 10: American IPA (25 entries)

1stMatt KingMosaic In the Rye21A: American IPA
2ndChristopher HopkinsA Galaxy Of Galaxy IPA21A: American IPA
3rdDan CopperLate Night Storm21A: American IPA

Table 11: Specialty IPA (41 entries)

1stJose Batista
Co-Brewer: N/a
Star Melt NE IPA21B: Specialty IPA
2ndIan McIntosh
Co-Brewer: Lach McIntosh & Al Weikel
Green Honeys21B: Specialty IPA
3rdMatt KingLondon Fog21B: Specialty IPA

Table 12: European Sour Ale (24 entries)

1stRay ZaborowskiClincher27A1: Gose
2ndAnthony MarinoFlanders Red23B: Flanders Red Ale
3rdSeth KellySour Soul23A: Berliner Weisse

Table 13: Wild Ale (30 entries)

1stJason PappasLemon Drop Gose28A: Brett Beer
2ndAnthony Merlino
Co-Brewer: Tanmay Patel
Bitter Buddha28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
3rdEric Wendler
Co-Brewer: Darren White
Absolution Brett28A: Brett Beer

Table 14: Saison (18 entries)

1stBob Witt132-56-375925B: Saison
2ndGabriel GardeSynesthesia25B: Saison
3rdTyler Knittle
Co-Brewer: Silent K
Synesthesiac Symphony25B: Saison

Table 15: Belgian Ale (26 entries)

1stHarry Arnold
Co-Brewer: Sean Sliwinsky
Blonde Before The Storm25A: Belgian Blond Ale
2ndFrank J Schlipf IIIMerckx Melee24B: Belgian Pale Ale
3rdZachary BellesDon't Touch My Blonde25A: Belgian Blond Ale
HMAlex StyczenAinter's Garde24C: Biere de Garde

Table 16: Trappist Ale (21 entries)

1stDouglas KlumppDubbel Trouble26B: Belgian Dubbel
2ndMichael PantaloneDirty Pants26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
3rdJoe Caputo7 Point Triple26C: Belgian Tripel

Table 17: Strong Ale (31 entries)

1stAnthony SteinourSomebody Stole My Eyes22C: American Barleywine
2ndBob Witt
Co-Brewer: Mike Bury
167-45-980417D: English Barleywine
3rdMike NevilleOld Ale17B: Old Ale
HMHerman RichardsHatless17A: English Strong Ale

Table 18: Fruit Beer (33 entries)

1stNick ShadelBerry Berliner29A: Fruit Beer
2ndJohn VogelMidnight's Revenge29A: Fruit Beer
3rdMichael HermanPeachtree Lane29C: Speciality Fruit Beer

Table 19: Spiced Beer (42 entries)

1stMike IngrassiaBaker's Buzz30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndChristopher LaspadaMole Stout30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdJason ZambriczkiHazles Nuts 30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
HMCraig KnauerBelshnickel Ale30C: Winter Seasonal Beer

Table 20: Wood-Aged Beer (31 entries)

1stJason ZambriczkiMaple Oak Big Barley33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
2ndDavid Taxter
Co-Brewer: Tom Caserta
Wedded Bliss33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
3rdJoe Caputo6 Point Whiskey Barrel Stout33A: Wood-Aged Beer

Table 21: Other Specialty Beer (16 entries)

1stChaz SmithDarwin's Blend 34B: Mixed-Style Beer
2ndFrank TaddeoDead Guy Clone34A: Clone Beer
3rdMichael HermanBa Tart Rose34B: Mixed-Style Beer

Table 22: Cider (18 entries)

1stJack RobbinsThose Brits and Their Damn CiderC1B: English Cider
2ndEdward WalkowskiBaxter's PerryC1D: New World Perry
3rdJack RobbinsBrave New WorldC1A: New World Cider

Table 23: Specialty Cider (26 entries)

1stEdward WalkowskiBaxter's Ice CiderC2D: Ice Cider
2ndNick ShadelHarvest CiderC2E: Cider with Herbs/Spices
3rdAaron MasserDry Hopped New World CiderC2E: Cider with Herbs/Spices

Table 24: Mead (31 entries)

1stEdward WalkowskiBaxter's Black Currant MeadM2C: Berry Mead
2ndJeff HartJeff's Table MeadM1B: Semi-Sweet Mead
3rdMike MedziePeach Apricot MeadM2D: Stone Fruit Mead