Club Competitions

Competition Seasons:


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  • Informal club competitions are held each month at our regular meetings. The season runs from July to May with a winner declared at the conclusion of the season.
  • Points are awarded based on popular vote with 5 points going to first place, 3 points going to second place, and all other entries receiving 1 point.
  • Additionally, 1 bonus point will be given for the most innovative or ambitious entry as decided by the competition maestro. 1 bonus point will also be given for the best beer as decided on by the club's panel of BJCP judges.
  • Some competitions are marked as Collaboration contests. Entrants must brew this beer with another member (or group) and submit together. Both members/teams will receive any points awarded.
  • Entrants must supply six 12 oz. bottles, one 64 oz. growler, or similar quantity.
  • Limit one entry per person per month.


Name Entries First Second Most InnovativeJudges' Choice Points
Jack Robbins 8 3 0 12 23
Katie Legenski 7 1 4 02 21
Michael Caffee 6 2 0 02 16
Bruce Stephens & Chaya Stark 4 2 0 01 13
Greg Janiec 4 0 2 00 8
Justin Stauffer 4 0 2 00 8
Joe Handley 2 1 0 01 7
Matthew Wonder 2 0 1 00 4
Travis Himes 2 0 1 00 4
Tim Caum 2 0 0 01 3
Tim Kepner 2 0 0 00 2
Erik Curtis 1 0 0 00 1
Bill Morley 1 0 0 00 1
Chaya Stark 1 0 0 00 1
Mark Helmus 1 0 0 00 1


July - Session Beers
Bring that beer you've made that you love to drink a bunch of in one session. Must be under 5% avb.

August - Wheat Beers
Beer for this competition must be 51% Wheat. That's the only rule. The rest is up to you!

September - British Beers
British Beers. BJCP 2015 Categories 11, 12A, 12C, , 13, 16 & 17. Pretty wide open so have fun with it! This was originally slated for November but due to logistics, this was swapped with Crystal Hopped beers.

October - German Lagers & Flagers
Brew best Oktoberfest, Festbier, other continental lagers and fake lagers. Hey just because you don't have lagering capabilities doesn't mean you can't enter. What we don't know...

November - Crystal Beer
The club has an abundance of Crystal hops that were donated and we want to use them up. All flavor and aroma hops used must be the club provided Crystal hops. These hops are listed at 3.3% AA so we are going to allow the use of different hops of your choice for bittering (must be 60 minutes or earlier) if you are so inclined. This was originally slated for September, but due to logistics it was swapped with British Beers.

December - Holiday Beers - Colaboration
Brew up those holiday beers for this one.This is our first collaboration of the season, so go look for a partner that you haven't brewed with in the last year and get brewing. Typically Belgian and/or spiced but open for some interpretation.

January - High Gravty Beers
Well we did sessions, so why not high gravity. This month we are looking for beers over 8% ABV

March - Sour Beers
Get your pucker on! This month sour beers are on the table. Berliner, Gose, Flanders, among others, or go ahead own experiment.

April - Ingredient Draft - Colaboration
This is the ever popular Ingredient Draft Competition. Just like Fantasy sports we pick ingredients from a list "by position" or category. When they are gone they are gone. As always there will be a twist category. This is our 2nd Collaboration of the season. As always choose a brewing partner you haven't brewed with at least a year (or ever).

April - Fruit / Vegetable Beer
Pretty self explanatory

May - Clone Beer - Colaboration
Clone a commercial beer. This is our third and final collaboration for the year. The chosen beer should be available at the Montgomeryville Wegmans. The club is going to pay for the commercial beer for side by side comparison. You will need to submit your clone choice to the Competition maestro (Travis Himes) no later than the April meeting. If you would like to clone something not readily available at Wegmans, you may but you will need to provide (and pay for) the beer for commercial comparison (at least a 4 pack of 12 ounce beers).